Investing in your female employees
It has become a strategic imperative needed to compete and win.

In today’s hyper-competitive global marketplace it’s vital that your workforce is a reflection of your consumers, customers, and society in general. Women are half the world’s population, their spending power is greater than China and India’s combined GDP and they make more than 75% of the household buying decisions.

Declining and aging Asian populations, intense battle for the best and brightest talent along with the changing demographics of the world’s consumers make it mandatory to retain and develop the talent you currently have.

It’s not about women being better than men, it's actually about women being different from men, bringing different skills and strengths to the workplace.

Study after study proves making better use of women's skills is good for business. Women account for only 14% of directors on the world's corporate boards and less than 1% in Japan. But companies with more women in senior management jobs earned a higher return on equity than those with fewer women at the top. 1 Your female employees are a critical link to your customers and more importantly, to your competitor’s customers.

Study after study proves making better
use of women's skills is good for business.

Studies have also shown that women are often stronger than men on several key leadership competencies, specifically; drive for results, team building, communication and championing change.2 Our workshops have been built to capitalize on these skills, to strengthen them and to demonstrate practical ways to use them everyday. These innovative workshops have been designed by women… for women using the language of female leadership.
2Zenger Folkman