Women Talk Business works with global and local companies using our proprietary approach and exclusive content to develop the critical business skills in your female employees needed 

to impact your total business.



Women Talk Business is a unique training company.
We exist to help women unlock their potential
We conduct in-person business skills workshops in English which have been designed exclusively for businesswomen, by women thought leaders from around the world. We exist to help companies unlock the potential of their female employees.
Our proprietary approach and exclusive training content have been built on three principles:
We work with female business executives, writers, journalists, teachers and communications experts from around the world to create the content for these workshops — all from the global view point of women. The language we teach, the language we use, is the language of female leadership.
21st Century
Content and Curriculum
Technology has shrunk the world and English is the global currency required to compete. The methods we use to communicate have dramatically changed, but the fundamentals of effective communication have not. Whether it’s negotiating, giving a keynote address, tweeting, posting, texting, or emailing -- all of our workshops reflect this new world reality.
Continuous Learning
We don’t think training should stop at the end of the last workshop. All participants will have exclusive, on-going, on-line access to the Women Talk Business Academy. The Academy includes powerful tools and resources for your female employees to continue training, learning, and developing their skills long after the workshops end. Our alumni consider these resources nearly as valuable as the workshops themselves.