At Women Talk Business we take Confucius’s wise words to heart.    

The women who designed each of our workshops believe that theory is good, examples are better and doing, is the ultimate way to learn.  Put the theory into real world practice and you can create change. Real change.

That’s why clients all over Asia rely on our unique workshops to help unlock the potential of their female employees . We also believe it’s important to engage each participant with the optimal blend of intellectual, emotional, and behavioral tools.  We use proprietary learning methodologies, which include both pre and post class modules, and finally, all workshops use the language of female leadership.

The centerpiece of the training strategy is our experiential learning methodology.

The centerpiece of the training strategy is our experiential learning methodology, which focuses on the cooperation and creative problem solving of human interaction.The value of experiential learning is that it requires incorporating the cognitive and emotional aspects of each participant. Experiential learning provides each person with immediate feedback on their actions and behaviors. Because the learning is so personal it ensures a high level of retention thereby allowing each woman to put it into practice long after the workshop is completed. This maximizes the ROI of your training investment and will pay on-going business dividends.

Women Talk Business begins each customer relationship by determining the business outcome you want to achieve. From there, we work with you to access the current state and determine how best to achieve your objectives.  

We then tailor our workshops by using relevant case studies, vocabulary and language -- specific to your industry to design the most effective training solutions for your female employees. Our goal is to unlock the potential of these employees so your company can accelerate it’s business performance.

We’d love to show you how
we can unlock the potential of your female employees.